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Matt Knits is a family owned and operated business and is founded by an autistic young man named Matthew Yee. Matthew has a strong desire and talent for knitting and would like to share it with others who also enjoy knitting. If you would like to learn more about Matthew, please visit the "About Matt " or the "blog" under "About Us."Autism Awareness Ribbon - Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Design by Cher

We specialize in hand knitted hats and scarves!  Come see what's in store for you!

Some of you may be wondering about the topic of autism. What is it? How has autism affected Matthew? To learn more about the subject, please visit the "Autism links" under "Resources".

Matthew uses high quality materials from Lion Brand®, Caron®, Bernat®, and much more to knit his hats, scarves, and other hand knitted products.

Please visit the new online games that are on this webpage. There are games for everyone, including those who have autism.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the quality of our products, or if you have any suggestions about this site, please contact us by visiting our "Contact Us" page.

New Products
Jolly Pickle XMas Ornament Hot Cup of Cocoa XMas Ornament
Red Heart ® Jolly Pickle Christmas Ornament
Not available at this time
Red Heart® Hot Cup of Cocoa Christmas Ornament 
Featured Products
Lion Brand Hard Candies Hat Lion Brand Sunrise Fancy Fur Scarf
Lion Brand® Hard Candies Knitted Hat  
Was: $25.00
NOW: $19.77
Lion Brand® Sunrise Fancy Fur Scarf  
Was: $20.00
NOW: $17.77

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  • Updates on Matthew's autism
  • New behavioral modification ideas
  • How to handle the autistic child or adult in every transition period (or changes made in daily routines)

Need to do research on autism?

For a free behavioral modifcation pamphlet, please enter your e-mail address below:

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We ship worldwide.

 We use the following carriers to ship our products:

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 Free online apps and games (for everyone, even for those who have autism): 

  • Starfall Games - (Mostly free) Interactive educational activities for children from Preschool and K-3 that can be accessed anywhere including tablets and mobile devices! Includes accessibility settings for those with disabilities and on the spectrum.

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