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About Matthew

Matthew Yee, young autistic hobby knitter from Scottsdale, AZ

Matthew Yee is a young man from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. He is very bright  with a wonderful talent of knitting since 2001. It all began when his family visited a local public library - he taught himself how to knit by reading books and watching videotapes (Autistic children and adults learn by visual and literal instructions).

Knitting has become Matthew's favorite activity because it calms him and helps him to have a sense of achievement or accomplishment. 

When he had his seizure back in 1997, his family became very worried if he was ever to read, write, or become his normal self again. With God's help and intervention, Matthew was healed from his seizure and had an high interest in reading books, watching classic movies, and listen to music.

Currently, Matthew is taking behavioral therapy and working with a job coach in a supervised work environment. He has benefited from his routine greatly.



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